Wed like to give you a bit of insight on the different methods and processes used to produce beer in Germany.

(German Beers do differ in taste and quality ! )

First of all, there is a difference between the way most of the huge breweries make beer and the way some of the smaller private breweries make beer. Most of the larger, big named breweries use more chemicals in their processing because its faster, cuts cost and helps to turn out more bottles per hour.

There are two or three different ways to make the shelf life of beer last longer. One is by adding preservatives and chemical additives (a type of beer processing which is allowed in some places but not Bavaria) which kills the original taste and natural vitamins. (Pure natural beer and its ingredients contain a lot of vitamins!) Or using really high heating temperatures (Over-Heating!) (which also kills the original taste and vitamins but increases the shelf life)

Our method of brewing beer is by using a combination of the right heating temperature, not Over-Heating! But Hot! plus super high-tech bottling machinery which keeps the original taste & flavour, natural vitamins, which also increases the shelf life of the beer up to 12 months and No Chemicals!!!

Six months ago our brewery just finished installing our new high-tech bottling machinery which basically prevents any outside air particles from entering the bottles while filling. (Stainless-Steal Machinery, computer- controlled, combined with the right natural processing, secret recipes, and natural heating techniques!) Our process wholes the quality, wholes the natural vitamins, taste and flavour and guarantees the shelf-life of all our Bavarian Beers for up to 12 months.plant We also have on our private property, our own 40 meters deep water reservoir with a guaranteed controlled water purification system.

Our processing is periodically controlled by the Bavarian government no less than 2 times a year. They come to our brewery sometimes un-announced to take samples back to their laboratories for quality control and testing. If a Bavarian brewery doesnt meet the required standards and pass the lab test, then it could face a fine and if this happens to often the business could even be legally shut down by the Bavarian law. Germany probably has the highest standards for making beer in the world!

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