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Situated only a few miles walking distance from the Czech boarder, in the middle of the beautiful Oberpfalzer forest lies the picturesque little town of Moosbach.

breweryWe at Scheuerer Breweries are especially proud to have our own natural water reservoir which is over 40 meters deep. We have the most latest sophisticated computer technology but also the old but famous Bavarian know-how and tradition for brewing and making beer to its perfection.All of our beer is brewed under the accordance of the Bavarian Law of Purity enacted since 1516. Our beers are brewed with only the best and purest water, hops, wheat, yeast, malt and germinated barley.

Our beers are brewed and distributed by a very good team of 15 employees which boast a Brewery Diploma- Engineer (Erhard Scheuerer) and Brew-Master (Gerhard Gruber).Our small but well equipped brewery produces
8 different types of beer.

moosbach In this marvellous landscape Scheuerer Brewery was founded over 117 years ago (1887) by Lorenz Scheuerer. At the early age of 28, this passionate young man started a successful family business, which is still going strong today. The beers he brewed were soon well known and esteemed throughout a wide area. Lorenzs’ son, Johann I, followed the family tradition and so did his son Johann II until 1990, when his son, Diploma-Engineer- Erhard Scheuerer took over and started managing the brewery until this present day. The next son and generation, Uli Scheuerer is already studying to someday become the next young man to be in charge of the family business. By the way Johann II, who is 83 years old is still actively working in the brewery office every day from nine to five! And still drinks his 4 daily bottles!!!!

lorenz Scheuerer Breweries founder Lorenz Scheuerer. (1887). The family owned brewery has been handed down four generations to its current owner and Brew Diploma-Engineer, Erhard Scheuerer.
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